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It will be great to enter a team this year for the cross country league. The races are mostly two weeks apart and start at 14:30 on Wednesday afternoons. Ideally we need at least five runners per race to score points as a team.


The race dates and locations are as follows:

Date: Wed 27 Sep Race: Round 1 Host: BRNC Dartmouth Venue: BRNC Dartmouth

Date: Wed 11 Oct Race: Round 2 Host: Cdo Logs Reg RM: CLR Barnstaple

Date: Wed 25 Oct Race: Round 3 Host: D&C Police Venue: Newnham Park, Plympton

Date: Wed 8 Nov Race: Round 4 Host: RNAS Culdrose Venue: RNAS Culdrose

Date: Wed 22 Nov Race: Round 5 Host: CTCRM Venue: Woodbury Common

Date: Wed 6 Dec Race: Round 6 Host: HMS Raleigh Venue: HMS Raleigh


Please email Paul Stevens at [email protected] if you are interested in running and I will try and organise transport / car share where possible.


There is no requirement for athletes to register before the start of the race. On completion of the race each finisher will be given a tally corresponding to their finishing position, they will then proceed through the finishing funnel to the recorder’s desk where they should register their name, Unit, finishing position and competitions that they are competing in. It is the individual’s and team manager’s responsibility to ensure that all their details are recorded correctly at this time.


Competitors Brief. There will be a course and safety brief for all competitors at 1415 within the marquee on the day of the event




a.Team.  Tally numbers for each team runner will be added together to calculate the teams total. The combined tally total of all for four runners will determine their placing.


b.Individual.  All runners will be given a tally at the finish line. This tally will correspond to their final placing.